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Access from Narita Intl. Airport

Access from Haneda Airport

Access from Ikebukuro Station

Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro is only 6 minutes walk from Tokyo's (and the world's) 2nd largest station Ikebukuro where total of 8 train lines and subway lines are available. From the station, almost everywhere in Tokyo, from business quarters to tourist attractions, is easy-accessible. No matter the purpose of your visit, Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro would be your perfect base in Tokyo.

Ikebukuro is so convenient for sightseeing!!

From Ikebukuro to major tourist attractions

  • Shinjuku shopping district - 6 min. on JR Saikyo line or Yamanote line
  • Harajuku shopping district - 12 min. on JR Yamanote line or subway Fukutoshin line
  • Shibuya shopping district - 15 min. on JR Saikyo line or Yamanote line
  • Ueno park & Tokyo National Museum - 16 min. on JR Yamanote line
  • Ginza shopping district - 18 min. on subway Marunouchi line
  • Akihabara electric town - 20 min. on JR Yamanote line
  • Kawagoe town of "Kura" - 30 min. on Tobu Tojo line
  • Kamakura past capital of Japan - 60 min. on JR Shonan-shinjuku line
  • World Heritage Nikko City - 106 min. on JR line limited express
to D

* You only need to transfer once.
Easy to change because Shinkiba is at the end of Yurakucho Line.
* The Keiyo Line platforms in Tokyo station are 10 minutes away from the others, therefore transferring at Shinkiba is easier.

Access from Narita / Haneda Airprt

Train map from Narita and Haneda Airport

Directions from Narita International Airport

By Keisei line - cheaper, frequent departures, one transfer

  • Narita Airport
  • Keisei "Skyliner"2,400 yen - approx. 40 min.
    Keisei "Access Express"1,200 yen - approx. 60 min.
    Keisei "limited express"1,000 yen - approx. 75 min.
  • Nippori station
  • JR Yamanote line160 yen - approx. 15 min.
  • Ikebukuro Station

Keisei Line Timetable    [ from Narita Airport ]    [ to Narita Airport ]

By JR Narita Express - easier but less departures, no transfer

  • Narita Airport
  • JR Narita Express 3,110 yen - approx. 85 min.
  • Ikebukuro station

Not all Narita Express trains go to Ikebukuro, be sure to check the destinaion.
(There are only 13 trains per day that stop at Ikebukuro)

Narita Express Timetable    [ from Narita Airport ]     [ to Narita Airport ]

Last Train From Narita Airport to Ikebukuro Station   Departure : 22:29

  • Narita Airport  22:29
  • Narita Sky Access Limited Express
  • 23:27   Nippori   23:36
  • JR Yamanote Line
  • 23:48   Ikebukuro

Directions from Haneda International Airport

By Bus - easier but less departures, no transfer - 1,200 yen

  • Haneda Airport
  • Airport Limousine
  • Ikebukuro Station West Exit

Airport Limousine Bus   [ Fee & Timetable ]

By Train - cheaper, frequent departures, one transfer - 650 yen

  • Haneda Airport
  • Keikyu Line
  • Shinagawa Station
  • JR Yamanote Line
  • Ikebukuro

Keikyu Line [ Keikyu Line website ] [ Point of Transfer ]

Last Train From Haneda Airport Station to Ikebukuro Station Departure : 00:10

  • Haneda Airport International Terminal 00:10
  • Tokyo Monorail Airport Express
  • 00:25   Hamamatsucho   00:31
  • JR Yamanote Line
  • 01:05   Ikebukuro
Bus for Group

Pick-Up service for group!! (For 6 or more people)
From/To Narita or Haneda International Airport

Please ask our staff for details.

Access from Ikebukuro Station

  • Leave the station from the central exit (underground) and go to the west exit (ground level)
  • You will see a row of taxis and a McDonald's in front of you. Cross the rotary and go straight.
  • Go straight till you get to a large intersection with a traffic light. Cross the intersection to the other side. (There is a cafe "Excelsior cafe" on this side. And you can see "OIOI" department store on the opposite side.) Turn right at the intersection and walk along "Gekijo Street".
  • Go straight for two blocks. You will see a post office on your left. Turn left at the third traffic light
  • You will see Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro on your left.

map from Ikebukuro Sta.

Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro
Address: 2-40-7 Ikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo Japan 171-0014
Tel: +81-3-3971-2237 (From inside Japan, 03-3971-2237)

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