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Sakura Hotel Jimbocho
Cheap hotel in
Jimbocho, Tokyo
Sakura Hotel Hatagaya
A new hotel close to
Shinjuku, Tokyo
Sakura Hostel Asakusa
Tokyo Cheap Hostel
in Asakusa
Sakura House
Tokyo apartment
and guesthouse
Sakura Cafe and Restaurant
Open-air terrace cafe
in Ikebukuro
Tokyo office rental
City Hotel in Tokyo 1 min. to Fuchu station
Business Garden
Tokyo SOHO support

Design Festa
Asia's biggest art festival and Gallery
Okonomi-yaki,Monja-yaki and Teppan-yaki Restaurant

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Kawagoe area guide

Kawagoe is located in Saitama Prefecture. It has a nickname of "Ko-edo", which means "Little Edo" in Japanese because it was used to be a very vibrant town under the feudal government during the Edo Period.

Despite the rapid development in nearby cities, Kawagoe works hard to preserve the historical landscape and is a very popular tourist spot with an average of 5.5 million visitors a year. Let us take a quick look at the various attractions around the city! Please click the icons on the map below for detailed information.   

Kawagoe area map
Kurazukuri Warehouse Streets

Kurazukuri Warehouse Streets
Following a terrible fire in 1893 where nearly all the buildings were burnt down, Kawagoe ordered the construction of fire-proof warehouses which still retain the traditional oriental appearance.

Kawagoe Festival Museum

Kawagoe Festival Museum
One of the 3 major festivals in the Kanto Area, the Kawagoe Maturi is held in every October. Even if you are not in the country at that time, you could still catch up the annual celebration in the Kawagoe Festival Museum.

Kawagoe Bell Tower

Kawagoe Bell Tower
Although the original structure was lost long ago, the Bell of Time is still the symbol of Kawagoe to many local citizens. Watching over the city for more than 350 years, the tower is one of Kawagoe's designated cultural heritages.

Candy Stores

Dagashiya-yokocho Candy Stores
"Dagashi" means inexpensive sweets in Japanese and here there is even a street dedicated to these small retro shops. Perhaps you might also be able to find your childhood memory here!

Seven Gods of Good Fortune Sight-seeing Route

Seven Gods of Good Fortune
Sight-seeing Route
The Seven Gods of Good Fortune came from local mythologies and have deeply incorporated into daily Japanese lives. There are 7 temples dedicated to each of them in Kawagoe and let's follow the tradition to visit all of them!
Comming soon!

Big Camera

Kawagoe City Tourist Information Office
Conveniently located inside the Tobu Kawagoe Station, this office belongs to the Visit Japan Information Network and provides all the details you need to know before getting around in Little Edo.
Comming soon!

Koedo Kawagoe Tourist Association

Koedo Kawagoe Tourist Association
The Association serves a similar purpose with the Information Office mentioned above, but it even has a series of certified member restaurants and shops where you are guaranteed to enjoy the best of Kawagoe.
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