Dagashiya Yokocho (駄菓子屋横丁:DAGASHIYAYOKOCHO)

Dagashiya Yokocho

Inside a Dagashiya Probably every Japanese has tried at least once before, "Dagashi" are Japanese snacks and sweets with a retro, Showa Era touch which usually cost below 100 Yen. They feature from the most basic line-up, for example, bubble gums, fruit candies and chocolates, to Japanese specials such as rice crackers, fish sausages with cheese and dried cuttlefish julienne. Besides, many traditional toys like "Kendama" (cups & balls) or "Origami" (folding paper art) could also be found. When kids enter these Dagashi shops, there is no other place on earth where they could hang around all day long and spend all of their pocket money.

Retro Dagashiya But as time goes by, many of these Dagashi-ya were forgotten and almost completely disappeared in central Tokyo. Luckily, Kawagoe used to be a center of Dagashi manufactories and the place eventually evolved into a specialized street with 22 stores. Along the twisted alley you could still find the same old tender feeling that haven't changed all these years. Let's come and bring back the good old memories!

Dagashiya Yokocho
Building 2-7-6 Motomachi, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama
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