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Visit Harajuku - The Mecca of pop culture, fashion and art


If you ever have the chance to come to Tokyo, then you couldn’t afford to miss visiting Harajuku, the trend-setting fashion and artistic center among many youngsters, not only within Japan but also in a lot of neighboring countries.

Harajuku could be divided into three areas: Omote-Harajuku, Ura-Harajuku, and Oku-Harajuku. Omote-Harajuku means "the front of Harajuku", an area where famous brand shops line the main streets like Omotesando Street and Takeshita-Street. Ura-Harajuku, or "the backstreet of Harajuku", is a general term for alleyways east of Meiji street, where private-run shops and boutiques attract young shoppers looking for something special and unique. Oku-Harajuku, or "Deep Harajuku" is an area further east. Away from the noise, you can relax and dine, or appreciate modern art at galleries like Design Festa Gallery.

Be sure to explore these areas and experience the diversity of Japanese culture!

Sakura Hotel
(6 min.)
Ikebukuro stn.
JR Yamanote line
(13 min.)

Sakura Hotel's recommended spot in Harajuku


Design Festa Gallery


The “Design Festa Gallery” is just around the corner where young artists and performers alike, whether professional or  not, can get together and present their work of art. The Gallery is  divided into 2 separate buildings, East and West, both distinctive in their individual styles.

The gallery has long been a landmark of Oku-Harajuku, and an allery front of the building is known as "Festa Street".

Inside, various kinds of exhibits ranging from paintings, photos, multimedia demonstrations, to live performances and fashion shows are on display. You can also purchase the unique jewelry or accessory items offered by the artists directly and exchange ideas with them at the same time. If you are inspired by the numerous innovations and have the desire to create, you could even put on your own individual show in the Art Piece displays at a very affordable price of ¥525/day. Design Festa Gallery is bursting with creativity all day, every day!
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If you would like to take a break from the eye-dazzling fashion and art, you could try on something delicious and enjoy a popular Japanese pizza cuisine ‘Okonomi-yaki’ and ‘Monja-yaki’ in the ‘Sakura-Tei’ just in between the 2 Design Festa galleries.

Not only you could choose the fillings, you also have the chance to cook them by yourself on a huge griddle. We also recommend the flagship menu ‘Sakura-yaki’ which has 7 delicious toppings. Moreover, all-you-can-eat buffet is also available at a very affordable price, therefore your appetite will surely be satisfied.

‘Okonomi-yaki’ and ‘Monja-yaki’ are really fun to make and tasty to eat. Be sure to visit ‘Sakura-Tei’ when visiting Harajuku!
>> More about Sakuratei


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