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FAQ : Frequently Asked Question

Placing a reservation

Do I need to pay any deposit for the reservation?
No, you don't have to pay anything before check-in.
Can I share a bed with my daughter? And how much do you charge her?
If she is under 5 years old and share the bed with you, she will not be charged.
* When she needs her own Futon (Japanese-style bedding) in Japanese rooms, she will be charged the regular rate.
* You can’t share a bed with her in dormitory rooms.
Can I get a non-smoking room?
Yes, we have only non-smoking rooms.
How long are bookings accepted in advance?
6 months before is the maximum. However, group bookings (more than 10 people) are accepted anytime.

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About our Facilities

Can I leave my luggage with you before check-in? After check-out?
Yes. We could store your luggage in a storage room before check-in and after check-out.
Is there any locker in your hotel?
No. However, we can keep your important belongings(ex. passport, laptop) in our reception.
Do you provide linens and towels?
Yes, linens are included. Towels are included in all regular rooms.
As for dormitory rooms, towels could be rented with 100 yen, and you can keep it until you leave.
Do you have rooms with private bathrooms?
Yes, all regular rooms have private bathrooms.
Can I do my laundry?
Yes, we have a laundry service in our hotel.
There is a coin laundry on the first floor.
Can I use my laptop?
Yes. WiFi is available at all rooms and lobby.

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About our service

Do you have pick-up service?
Yes, pick-up service to/from Narita Airport for 6 or more people is available.
Charge: 45,000 yen (1~7 persons), 61,000 yen (8~12 persons), 72,000 yen (13-20 persons).
For individual travelers, we recommend public transport which is also quite convenient.
Do you have a curfew?
No. We are open 24 hours, so don't worry about it;)
Until what time should I check-in?
We will hold your reservation until 10pm, therefore if you will arrive after 10pm, please contact us in advance.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. We accept all major credit cards but not debit cards.
Do I need to bring my YHA card?
No you don't. We are not a member of YHA.
Can I have breakfast at your hotel?
Yes, breakfast is available from 5am to 11am for just 350 Yen.
Can I send my luggage or letter before check in?
Yes, we can keep it until your arrival. But please write down your check-in date and your name on it. We could also send or receive packages on your behalf.

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