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Despues de un verano muy caluroso y unos cuantos desastres naturales por todo el archipiélago japonés por fín se acaba ya el calor sofocante.

Les dejo a continuación las últimas fotos del verano y las primeras instantaneas de este otoño.


Festival de Bon Odori en Tsukiji (Tokio). El Bon Odori es un festival de danza tradicional japonés y se organizan en muchas ciudades en Japón entre julio y agosto.

Uno de los festivales de Bon Odori más grandes y conocidos es el que se celebra en el barrio de Tsukiji justo al lado del mercado de Pescados más grandes y famoso de todo el mundo.


El kakigōri es un postre japonés hecho de hielo raspado y aderezado con sirope.

En los meses de verano resulta muy refrescante y es común verlo en el menú de muchas cafeterías y restaurantes además de en puestos callejeros.

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Hello! Hey! Hai!

This is Staff Hanif.

I have a good news for myself. Actually I passed JLPT N1.
JLPT is Japanese-Language Proficiency test. The test has 5 levels. N1~ N5. N1 is the hardest level.
In Japan, jobs hunting and universities' entrance, you need at least N2.
Usually you can pass N2 just only study japanese for 1 years, but you need to work hard.

My JLPT N1 certificate

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I would like to share with you my trip story of South America.

On the way to take a trip around Central through South Ameria taking a with a local guide,

We passed through a border between Chile and Bolivia.

I was so impressed with very beautilful nature?surrounding such as a mountain and a river.



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Hi everybody !! This is Kazuhiro writing.

I finished one month's training in Sakura hotel Nippori and from September I am in Sakura hotel Ikebukuro for a while!!

Please let me introduce myself once again. I worked as a sale representative in electrical sector for 5 years and I left my job the reason I wanted to stay in a English speaking country in Europe. I chose Dublin, Ireland because many Japanese choose the UK so I thought it was better for me to live an unfamiliar country for me.I lived there between July 2017 and June 2018.

Ireland is really really beautiful country!! They have magnificent nature, friendly people, good beer (Not to mention GUINNESS !!), accessible transportation for other European countries and many good milk products from Irish cows and sheep!!? I absolutely recommend visiting Ireland in your life!!

After I came home, I applied for Sakura hotel as I'm interested in service sector, especially for guests from overseas. As you know, many foreign tourists come to Sakura hotels & hostel, as well as Sakura cafe so I'm very happy about meeting new people from all over the world.

Please check my picture I took in Ireland(Cliffs of moher) . I 'm very happy to talk about foreign countries and of course your country!! Please contact me when you're in Sakura hotel Ikebukuro?.


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