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One of the biggests entertainment disitricts in Tokyo is Shibuya.
Especially among young people, it is well known all over the country.
For foreigners, it is a good place to know what the culture of young Japanese people is like.
Here is a btt of introduction of Shibuya


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Hoy no he tenido mucho tiempo de preparar la entrada así que solo voy a hacer un breve refrito de algunas fotos que tengo por ahí, gracias por su comprensión.


Más refrescos japoneses, nueva Fanta de Plátano y Yogurt con vitamina B6 y fibra, y refresco Cherry Cola Vainilla.????????????


Amanecer en Tokio, al fondo la Sky Tree Tower.

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I went to Sapporo in Hokkaido for three days and two nights after a new year.

Hokkaido was the one of place I wanted to visit in my life.

I flew to Shin-Chitose airport, taking only 2 hours from Narita airport.

My first impression of arriving there was SUPPER cooooold!!!!!!!!

But also it was very beautiful.


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It's still hot and humid in Jupan, but I feel Summer is close to an end.

Please enjoy your "summer".

As you guys know, you can only drink "Matcha Frappuccino" in Starbucks Coffee Japan.

Also you can custom all drink as you like.


These day, I'm into Matcha Frappuccino with extra matcha powder.

It's ease to order, Just say " extra matcha powder please"



You can feel more matcha taste definitely!!

Besides it's free!!


Please try it!!



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