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Hu Ho hai~ It's me Hanif.
Recently, I'm quite busy with moving house, need to change address, need to buy new furniture, and etc...

Well, with living at a new places, there's also make me do a new things.
One of it is, after back from work, breakfast at Gasto. huhuhu

Look at the pictures below. So yummy~


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Today I'm gonna share about "Ameyoko" in Ueno

It's one of very popular place for sightseeing.

You can get some foods, bags, items cheap in here.


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Hey guys, It's Hanif!

Yesterday!! The temperature in Tokyo, is the lowest, 0' C!! fuhh~ very cold
To endure this temperature, my recommendation inner, is Hi--Tech Uniqlo!
(you really can feel the difference)

Oh ya, 2 weeks ago, I started moving to the new house.
Before, I lived in Chiba, and now is Saitama.

Moving the clothes little by little. My budget way, by not to use the transportation company.
In Japan, the transportation company is so expensive.

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Many kinds of people stay at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.
They are like tourists, students, buisiness men and so on.

To tell the truth, we have very unique rooms especially to foreiners.

Usually our rooms are very ordinary ones like other city hotels, which means rooms in western style.
See our single room bellow for example.


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