Hello! Today I'll introduce to you about 300 bars in GINZA

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Hello you guys!!

Have you been to Japan???

If you thinking about come to Japan,Please stay with us and have good experience together(^^)

We have some kind of Japanese event that you must be enjoy it for our lovely guests.

I will share it a little bit,If you like please join us☆彡


?Kawagoe Soy sauce Ramen Tour★September 13th 11:00AM?

you can tasting 2 kinds of broth and tour of a histrical factory.

We are sure a lot of guests really like Japanese Ramen and exploring around for Ramen♪

So Why don't you join this event???you can sign up at reception or give us e-mail!!!!!

Don't miss it!!!!!!!!!



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Good afternoon everyone! ????????
Yesterday we had a small event from Sakura Hotel & House Group ????
We went to Tokyo Fire Department near at Kinshicho Station ????
Official Website :: http://bosailabo.jp/report/museum/s13.htm


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Salam dan selamat sejahtera.

Selamat menyambut tahun baru kalendar Islam.

Korang rasa dekat Tokyo nie ade tak masjid?
Kalau korang tak pernah cari maklumat nie, memang korang rasa tak der masjid dekat Tokyo kan?

Dekat Tokyo nie sebenarnya ade lebih 5 buah masjid tau.

Dan Masjid yang selalu orang pergi adalah Masjid Tokyo.

Macam biasa, bos akan selalu lupa untuk ambil gambar dari jauh. Nasib korang la yang asyik
tengok gambar bangunan sekerap deh.

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Hello everyone! Today, I'll tell you about grape picking


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For sure, Japanese words like "IKURA DESUKA" (How much ?), "ARIGATOU"( Thank you ) and " SUMIMASEN "(Excuse me )are helpful.
But those words are kinda mundane and boring actually.
So I would like you to know words or expressions that are unique to Japanese.

The first one is "ITADAKIMASU"


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[[The Natural Disaster Prevention Tour by Tokyo City Guide Club]]


Japan is a popular tourist spot for foreigners. However, Japan is a rich in natural disaster country, so a lot of damage all over the prefectures every year.
Also, Japanese have the habit of taking the natural disaster prevention experience for future.

Why don't you try to join us for this event, and for some experience of natural disaster!
[Date] September 1st (Sun)
[Meeting Time and Point] 11:45am in Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro
[Capacity]15 people
・11:45am Leaving Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro
・13:10pm Starting to experience of natural disaster
1. Movie about East Japan Earthquake on March 11th of 2011
2. Urban flooding experience
3. Earthquake simulation
4. Firefighting training
5. Storm simulation
・15:30pm Break up
[Fee]: Free
※Transportation cost excluded
※This event is only for Sakura Hotel guest & Sakura House residents.

[Things to bring]
Towel, Socks and Comfortable Shoes (Like a pair of sneakers)
※Please do not participate in the event wearing a skirt.
To sign up, please send a message:
[email protected]

1. Names (All the participants)
2. Sakura House Name & Room #/ Sakura Hotel & Hostel's Name &Check in Date
3. Email
4. Nationality
5. Gender

***Photography/Movie Usage Agreement/Injury・Accident***
We are glad that you agree the right to Sakura Hotel and its group company Sakura House to use your photograph(s) or movie(s) in their advertisement, including follows/
-Web pages
-Flyers and Brochures
-As apart of advertisement material for magazines, newspaper, and other media.



Members of Tokyo City Guide Club will be guiding this tour as a volunteer. We shall no take any responsibility in the event of accidents.

*If you would like to unsubscribed newsletter, please do it from below URL.

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Hi, everyone

I went to Nagano's grape farm and the oldest winery in Japan.


It's a good season for grapes.

Nagano has a nice climate to grow grapes.

Cloudy few days, and sunlight is strong.


There was an event where you could eat the grapes you had harvested.

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Hello everyone!!
Long time no write blog here!

Last time I went to Neko cafe or Cat cafe with my friend at Harajuku!
we very love cat sooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh > w


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Por fín estamos dejando atrás el calor axfisiante y se acerca una de las mejores época para visitar Japón junto con la primavera.

Vamos con las fotos de esta semana;


Ya han salido los sabores especiales de Kit-Kat para este otoño.

Son sabores muy típicos del otoño japonés, la castaña y la batata asada. No son sabores nuevos pero no están siempre en el mercado, los puedes encontrar en las tiendas dependiendo de la estación.


El cruce de Shibuya es unos de los lugares más conocidos de Tokio. Lo pueden llegar a cruzar unas 3.000 personas al mismo tiempo y cada día se calcula que pasan por allí alrededor de un millón de personas.

La luz verde de el semáforo dura sólo 47 segundos y los viernes por la noche es cuando más gente hay.

Además se encuentra al lado de la estatua de el perro Hachiko el punto de encuentro más popular entre los jóvenes tokiotas.

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