The cherry blossoms in Japan have already begun.

But because the new coronal virus is still dangerous, I wore a mask and went to see cherry blossoms early in the morning.

This is a place called Onda Gawa.


You can see many cherry blossoms along the 2km long river.


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Yay! baru- baru nie bos pi snowboard. Last bos pergi pada tahun 2017.
Kira- kiranya 3 tahun dah tak pergi nie.

Tempat yang bos pergi nie bernama Ryuou Ski Park.

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Hello you guys!
Sakura season is coming soon and a few flower has already opened ♪

Today, I introduce the menu which served at Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro
It's located in front of our Hotel.

We understand this circumstance of virus in Japan and customer worried about it.

We hope that it will be calm down soon and enjoy with our cafe(^^*)


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Chazuke (茶漬け, ちゃづけ) or ochazuke (お茶漬け, from (o)cha 'tea' + tsuke 'submerge') is a simple Japanese dish made by pouring green tea, dashi, or hot water over cooked rice.

Common toppings include Japanese pickles(tsukemono), umeboshi, nori (seaweed), furikake, sesame seeds, tarako and mentaiko (salted and marinated pollock roe), salted salmon, shiokara (pickled seafood), scallions and wasabi.

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Hari ini bercakap perkara yang berkaitan dengan gambar.

Kaldi adalah kedai jual biji kopi yang agak popular di Jepun.
Tapi bos pergi pun, bos tidak pernah beli pun.

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Hello everyone! It's Jeremie!

Last time i told you about a new way to experience the traditional japanese cherry blossom.

This time I will show you something that I really enjoy doing which is wondering around the streets to find little cozy cafe. In Japan there are plenty of these little establishments if you dare venture out of the big crowded streets full of chain shops.

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Jjapaguri / Chapaguri (????) is simply a combination of two different Korean instant noodles "Jjapaghetti (????)" and "Neoguri (???)".

Individually they are quite different noodles. Jjapagehtti is a cut down instant version of Korean black bean noodle and it is served dry (not served in a soup).

On the contrary, Neoguri is an udon noodle dish served in a spicy soup and its distinctive feature is including dried kelp (kombu) in the packet.

So by mixing these two noodles, you make a new hybrid noodle called Jjapaguri / Chapaguri.

Most recently, it was featured in a Korean movie - Parasite (2019). The English translation for Jjapaguri was ramdong.?

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Hello everyone! It's Mai.
I was here 3 month ago because I started working at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro as a trainee for 2 weeks!
After that I have been to other 4 brunch of Sakura Hotel, and I just came back!☆
This is my final term of training.
So I would like to introduce about guests who I met in each Sakura Hotel!


@Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro

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Ya queda cada vez menos para la esperada época de el florecimiento de los cerezos y se nota que las temperaturas comienzan a subir.

Vamos con las fotos de estos días:


Como cada año por estas fechas Coca-Cola lanza sus botellines con diseño exclusivo de Cerezos en flor (Sakura?????????) ¿Que les parecen?


Divertidas chaqueta Sukajan "Souvenir jacket" en un comercio en Tokio.
Este tipo de chaquetas se crearon después del final de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, los soldados estadounidenses utilizaban restos de las telas de los paracaídas para crear chaquetas ligeras similares a las chaquetas de las universidades estadounidenses. Al regresar a su país para llevarse un recuerdo las decoraban con motivos que provenían de inspiración militar y luego se diversificaron con una mezcla de cultura japonesa y estadounidense. Poco después se comenzaron a crear y vender en tiendas cercanas a las bases militares de Japón como la de la ciudad de Yokosuka y a día de hoy son conocidas en todo el mundo. En Tokio se pueden encontrar en multitud de tiendas y ultimamente los motivos que las decoran se han ampliado con personajes de comics manga, video-juegos y películas, puedes encontrar fácilmente estas chaqueta de estas con Godzilla, Mazinger-Z, One Piece o Evangelion.

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