It's too recent to forget that single malt Karuizawa 1960 was priced at 14 million yen (equivalent of $1.2 million). This could be an evidence that how much Japanese whisky is demanded by the world's whisky fans.Some bottles are still offered by an incredible price.


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Hello everyone!

This is Hoka once again writing the blog.
If you ever asked me what is the best motivation for me working in Sakura Hotel, i can definitely say that 'The Guests' that I have met are
the most precious to me.
Not only as a guests in the hotel, I feel that i have made so many friends around the world just under one roof we called Sakura Hotel.
Everyone has been really nice to me sharing their trips in Japan & stories from their own country.
Please let me share the friends that I have met last year.


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Hello, It's Sumire again!!!

I would to like to share about my exploring in Tokyo with you.

On last month, I went to Ueno Zoo.


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Have you ever been to Odaiba?


Odaiba is located nearby sea, taking 45 minutes from ikebukuro by train.

And it is huge area. There are many things to do, sightseeing and shopping!

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This is my last day here Ikebukuro.

I'm going back to SAKURA HOTEL JIMBOCHO!!


Yesterday(11th) was Kagami biraki in Japan!!

It means the opening of New Year's rice cakes.

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Ya estamos en el 2018 sintiendo el frío de enero. Estas fotografía que voy a colgar hoy son casi todo de comida, otro día intentaré poner algunas más exteriores para compensar.


Estrecha calle al lado de la estación de Shinjuku en Tokio repleta de pequeños bares donde poder disfrutar de unos sabrosos Yakitori (brochetas de pollo a la parrilla).

Uno de mis restaurantes favoritos de fideos Udon, se encuentra en esta misma calle, si tienen oportunidad no duden en pasarse por aquí!!


En Japón también en algunos parques hay juegos infantiles, algunos muy chulos, como este Tiranosaurio violeta que me encanta.
Lo ví por primera vez hace ya 9 años y ayer seguía estando en estado impoluto, he de confesar que me he montado ya unas cuantas veces y aguanta bastante bien.
Por si alguien quiere saber donde está mi amigo el Dinosaurio pinchar aquí para verlo en Google Maps.

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In Harajyuku, at Design Festa Gallery, one of our group companies, the unique exhibition called
"Meow Exhibition" is being held at the moment despite the fact that
2018 is the year of the dog.

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Happy New Year to everyone!!!

How did you spend your new year holidays?

Mostly people go to a shrine to worship.


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