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Hello helooo konnichiwa! This is staff Shikamai.

I went to go to our sister Sakura hotel JIMBOCHO last week
Because of...


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Hello everyone!
Do you know that Sakura cafe is probably the only place in Ikebukuro that you grab an affordable breakfast,
while dining with people from all over the world?

By the way, our breakfast is only 350 yen!
Are you hungry? That's good news for you because all of the breakfast is free-flow!
(This consists of bread, soup, tea, and our daily hand-made soup by our chefs)

0813 南アフリカ 空手グループ 愉快な先生達 朝食.jpg

Here's our guest from Australia and South Africa sharing a table and chatting during breakfast!

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Hi guys.

It's Lino from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

Let me talk about some of our lovely guests who stayed here last month.

James from the US, Santa Cruz


This fun fashionable gentleman stayed a few days with us.

He told us that he owns a beauty school in Santa Cruz and showed us some pictures of runway he has done at his school.

Hope he come back here with his students next time :)

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Cats! Cats! Cats!!!

Have you been to Gotokuji Temple already? Let us know what you thought!


Getting there:

Address: 2−2−24−7, Gōtokuji, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0021

Take the Odakyu Line and get off at Gotokuji station. Follow the tracks south for 10 minutes.

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Hello everyone, this is Hoka!


I went to Shonan's Enoshima and Enosui aquarium.
Although it is not located in Tokyo, it is one of the most popular places for people from Tokyo to spend their Summer.
By train, it is just one and a half hour trip!


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There are 4 hotels and 1 hostel in Sakura Hotel group in Tokyo.
For your information, I am going to show one popular sightseeing spot in the vicinity
each Sakura hotel.

Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro

Tokyo Dome

7minuits from Ikebukuro station, the nearest station to the hotel, by taking subway
(Not including witing time, the same goes for other destinations bellow )

Basically, it is a covered ball park, however, many mucsical conserts are
held as well

Tokyo Dome and Korakuen

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The season of fresh green has come.
I went to Tsukuba(Ibaraki prefacture) for Bamboo shoots hunting!

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