We had Design Festa Event Vol,47 on 5/12 and 5/13 at Tokyo Big Sight.


Last time we sold Homemade Rusks from all over the world.


This time we sold ... UDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Good morning! I'm Hiroshi with trainee.

Today I will introduce recommended places in the sightseeing spots!

It's a world heritage Miyajima in Hiroshima prefecture of Japan!

Have you ever been to there?

Miyajima is registered as a world heritage place and it's one of Japan's leading sightseeing places. Many tourists visit both Japanese and foreigners throughout the year.

We need to take a ferry to go to Miyajima.

unnamed (5).jpg

We can see the deer when arrive at Miyajima, It seems that deer used to swim in the ocean for food.

unnamed.jpgunnamed (3).jpg

And walk down the shopping street to Itsukushima shrine in the world heritage area!

You can see a different view depending on the time!

unnamed (1).jpgunnamed (2).jpg

If you stay at Miyajima you can see such a fantastic scenery in the evening.

unnamed (4).jpg

I think you can have a relaxing time.

Please visit!


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Welcome to Tokyo :)

Please do not miss our events during your stay!


We hold events every month from each Hotel/Hostel !!

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Hello everyone!
I'm Hiroshi from a trainee.
I started to work at Sakura Hotel from March and I will be working from today at 『Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro』 that this is my first training place!

Today I will introduce the training area I have been going on!
First of all, 『Sakura Hotel Jimbocho』


It's within 2 minutes walk from Jimbocho station, so there are office towns, shopping streets and the Imperial Palace nearby, so it's a hotel that many Japanese guests use.
Even if your lunch time , some people in the neighborhood also have lunch. We have a menu unique to the city of curry and Jimbocho, Please feel free to come here!

Next 『Sakura Hostel Asakusa』

It's about 10 minutes by work from Asakusa Station and is located behind the flowers of amusement park.
It's a recommended hostel for long stay guests who have a lot of shared rooms (dormitory rooms) which Sakura Hotel likes to use for foreigners' customers.


Of course, 『Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro』 is also open all year round as a hotel crowded with the most cafe among the five Sakura hotels in Tokyo!

We are servicing 24 hours a day!
As we serve international cuisine, please try eating!



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Assalamualaikum dan salam perkenalan.

Nama saya Mohd Izhar Hanif Bin Mat dan bermula dari hari ini, saya akan mula bekerja di Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

Maklumat daripada crew stuff, saya merupakan orang Malaysia yang pertama yang menjadi stuff Sakura Hotel.

sila beri tunjuk ajar.


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We got new alcohol's so let me explain something!!!


valente's double espresso

With a welcoming aroma created from double strength coffee beans accompanied by a silky smooth texture and a rich dark nature. It's clear as a full moon why Valente's Double Espresso was awarded gold at the 2012 world beer awards.


VK Mojito

Mojito flavor from VK.


harry bromptons iced tea

Ice tea flavor cocktail.


VK Cosmo

Cranberry juiceand?lime mixed.

All alcofol from England.

Please try it.

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Hoy voy a hablar de una tradición japonesa que todo el mundo (o casi todo) que nace en este archipiélago protagoniza una vez en su vida.


Esta es la primera comida en la vida de un japonés. Cuando un bebé llega a los 100 días de vida se celebra el Okuizome que se trata de la primera comida y tiene un valor simbólico para pedir que en el futuro no le falten alimentos y no pase apuros.

Por supuesto con sólo 100 día desde el nacimiento un bebé todavía no puede comer, así que se dispone de esta comida delante de el y normalmente el abuelo o el miembro de la familia con más edad hace como que le va dando de comer con los palillos de cada uno de los platos que hay en la bandeja.


El plato principal es Besugo y lo acompañan otros pequeños platos, cada uno de ellos tiene un significado simbólico.

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