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Here is a special montly event coming on 8th, May (Tuesday) at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

I am the host of this event, Sumire!

This event "Strawberry Picking Tour" are achieved with the help of Strawberry farm maned "ARAI Farm Happy Ichigoen".

Actually, this event is motivated by a desire to want to picking some fruits from our guests.

We have decided to make it ture on next month!


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Una de las cosas de comer que más me gustan de Japón son los Curry-pan, una especia de Donut, bollo o berlina, rellena de estofado de Curry (un poco picante).

Este donut además de relleno está rebozado y frito y como se imaginan está realmente delicioso.

Hay varias marcas en el mercado, el más conocido es el de Yamazaki Pan (es una marca como Bimbo o Panrico) aunque también hay otras marcas que tienen sus propios Curry pan.

También se pueden encontrar Curry panes artesanos o "de panadería", generalmente algo más caros pero con una calidad menos industrial.

El curry pan de Yamazaki (arriba en la foto) puede costar en un supermercado menos de 80 yenes (a día de hoy, menos de 60 céntimos de Euro), aunque en las tiendas más caras ronda casi los 100 yenes (unos 75 céntimos de Euro).

Antes ya había escrito sobre una tienda especializada en Curry pan, para ver la entrada pinchar aquí.


En Tokio todavía persisten muchos pequeños comercios como esta vieja tienda de Té en el distrito de Itabashi, lugares donde es una delicia pasear tranquilamente e ir entrando en las tiendas para curiosear y quizá encontrar algún souvenir especial.

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Hey, Today I would like to share My Favorite Japanese foods with you!


There are a lot of kind taste like Soysource, Miso, Tonkotsu(Pork), Seafood...

and the way how to eat like "Tsukemen"(whici is my favorite way), ordering an extra balls of coodles...

Noodles is very popular food in Japan!


Well...Tantanmen(Although it came from China, I really like it!) is my favorite, too...Lol


Try to find your best one!

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Hi there!

My body sometimes desires RAMEN.
I just follow that inner voice and go to eat ...


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Did you see beatiful cherry blossom in Tokyo during your stay?

We, Sakura Hotel/Hostel have Cherry blossom viewing picnic event every year.


IMG_20180331_112311 (1).jpg

We had a HANAMI at Kitanomari park :) It was parfect day for HANAMI!!!

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Beer (ビール) is the most popular alcoholic drink in Japan and widely consumed at homes and drinking establishments nationwide. Four companies currently dominate the market: Asahi, Kirin, Suntory and Sapporo. The standard type of beer sold at izakaya, bars and restaurants is light lager beers with with an alcohol content of around five percent. In addition, regional craft beers have become highly popular in recent years.


The Dutch started brewing beer for their own use in Nagasaki during the Edo Period. The first brewery to serve the Japanese market was founded in 1869 in the international port town of Yokohama by a foreign businessman. After changes in ownership, it started producing Kirin-branded beer in 1888. Meanwhile in Sapporo, the government built a beer brewery and established the Sapporo Beer brand in 1876 as part of its efforts to develop the island of Hokkaido. Accordingly, Yokohama and Sapporo vie for the title of birthplace of Japanese beer.

The popularity of beer increased sharply in the second half of the 20th century, and beer has long since overtaken sake as the nation's favorite tipple. In recent decades, some Japanese beers have also gained popularity overseas.

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Our special cousine "Hamburger gratin" at Sakura cafe&restaurant.


On 9th April, it was broadcast on famous TV show called "Ariyoshi Zemi".

We specially started to offer you sextuple of this hamburger gratin!

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Hello guys!

How you all doing?

Cherry Blossom season is going to finish soon and it's getting warm in Tokyo.

I can't wait for the summer!!!!!

By the way, there are so many guests staying with us repeatedly and one lovely guests who does drawing, he came back with his very new Manga a few weeks ago for the first time in more than 1 year.

Mr. Andik from Indonesia


This manga is named "LAY-LAY CAT", it's an easy short comic that suits even for people not from English speaking country.

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