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Hello! I'm Yasu from Sakura hotel Ikebukuro.
Today I'm going to introduce one of my hobbies making GUNDAM model.


The other day, I made a GUNDAM model, Real Grade Wing Gundam Zero Custom Endless Walt.
Gundam model has some grade, Perfect Grade, Master Grade, Real Grade, High Grade and SD Grade. The Gundam model which I made this time belongs to Real Grad, and this Grade is so small, 1/144 size but has a lot of small parts.


It took me 3 hours to make it, but looks so cool and beautiful isn't it?
Next time I will paint this model with airbrush. Looking forward to it!!


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We will have The Disaster Prevention Tour by Tokyo City Guide Club on 16, September.

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, Japanese people have become more conscious for disaster prevention.

We would like our guests to experience a Disaster Prevention and learn about it in case of disaster.

The center provides a disaster prevention experience tour (earthquake experience, fire extinguishing experience, smoke experience etc..)

In the tour, visitors can go through two hours of disaster prevention experience with an instractor.


Please participate in this opportunity!!!


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Hello~ Hei~ Hai~

This is trainee Hanif. And I'm back!! Yeah, back to Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro after 2 months training at other Sakura hotels.

Let me introduce myself again. I am Malaysian, and I came to Japan on 2013 for study and graduated from one of Japan University on 2018.


This is me in yukata.

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Good evening everyone! I'm Hiroshi.
Recently, many typhoons have occurred, even summer begins finally and it seems to get hotter day by day.

Please be careful about your physical condition management.

kouen daiba.jpg

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Hello. This is Ryo.

Few days ago, I went to Shonan area to play beach soccer!

This time is introduce about Shonan Area!

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Hello! I'm Sayaka, a new trainee at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.
It's such an honor to be a member of this fantastic team!!
I've always loved sharing smiles and discoveries with people from all over the countries, so this is a dream come true for me:))

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Hi,I'm Kazuna, again; the trainee of Sakurahotel in Ikebukuro.

The below photo is "Cathedral Cove",which is located at Hahei in New Zealand.


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I met "Mr.Poldej Worachat" who made "Curlicue art" by himself 5 years ago.
He taught this art in Taiwan,Thailand,Moldiv and Japan temporally.
(Futher infomation about Curlicue art is the end of this blog)

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