Hi there! Konnichiwa.
This is Shikamai from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuo.

Today I would love to share one of the good Japanese word with you.
That is ほっこり Hokkori. Have you heard it?
For example we would say like "This picture is ほっこり hokkori"


Guess the meaning!

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A pesar de todo el frío que ha hecho este febrero estamos en marzo con unas temperaturas máximas de unos 20 grados, así que parece que este año el florecimiento de los cerezos se adelantará un poco más de lo habitual.


Curioso tren que me encontré el otro día en la estación de Shinjuku. Ya no debe circular habitualmente porque había mucha gente haciendole fotos y además estaba totalmente vacío, supongo que sería algún tipo de demostración, evento o algo por el estilo.


Cementerio ubicado en un hueco entre un parking y un edificio de viviendas. En medio de la ciudad te puedes encontrar muchos pequeños cementerios, estos lugares no están apartados ni en las afueras, conviven con el paisaje habitual junto con las casas y comercios.

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Hello, There!!

This is Honoka, New staff at Sakura hotel Ikebukuro.

I would like to introduce myself today here.

I love traveling the world to discover beautiful scenery and meeting new people!


(Brano in Venice Italy)

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Hi there!!

This is Tomoe from Sakura Hostel Asakusa currently training at Ikebukuro brunch!


Guess what! Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro was on TV today!! Yay!!!

Our Specialty "Parissesinha" = Hamburger Gratin received TV coverage by "King's Blunch" that is one of the most popular long-running TV show in Japan!!


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Hey there!

We would like to introduce about Columbian home cuisine which one of our guest taught us how to make.

This is called "Arroz Con Pollo" and famous food in South America.

She is Juliana from Columbia.

She stayed in our hotel for only two nights but she is so friendly and able to speak Japanese well!


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You know, Ginza is one of the most luxurious shopping districts in Japan.
It's like the 5th avenue of New York.
And its land price is often the highest as is the case with the 5th avenue.
Naturally, If you wanna play around there at night, you should be loaded,
except that you drink at one of our group company's bars, 300BAR.


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Did you enjoy Pyeongchang Olympic?
I really really enjoyed so much!

As you know, It will be held Tokyo oympic in 2020!
I can't wait!!!

You too? You tooo?
Well, I will intoroduceyou the place where you can buy official licenced product now!

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Hola! This your favorite blogger, Hoka, once again writing the blog.
Many guests who have been staying in our hotel, always ask the same question.
"Any recommendation on what to eat around the hotel?"

Good for you, please let me introduce you to one of my favorite restaurants nearby!
Looking for a delicious place to eat without bursting a hole in your pocket?

Let me introduce you to Nabezou(鍋ぞう)!


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Ushiku Daibutsu, located in Ibaraki Prefecture,

is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest Buddhist statue
in the world at 120m or equivalent to a 38-story building.


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Helloo Konnichiwa--!
Thisi is Shikamai Sakura ikebukuro staff.

Ikebkuro is a very busy and exciting city.
It is great for shopping, enjoying food something.
But I think if you stay for long time here, you would miss a calm place.

I know some good places so I'm going to share one of them with you today.
Look at this peaceful photo.


It is Zoushigaya Kishimojin-do 雑司ヶ谷鬼子母神堂. Very old temple.

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