Sakura Cafe & Restaurant will be changed business hours from August 3th to August 31st ,

OPEN : 5:00 am to 10:00 pm (L.O : 9:30 pm)
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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Kita sambung balik cerita pasal bos pergi Hokkaido.
Salah satu tempat yang bos lawat adalah taman lavender
Farm Tomita.

Farm Tomita terletak di Furano, Hokkaido. Dan Furano ini
terletak di tengah- tengah Hokkaido. Kalu korang datang dari
Sapporo, agak jauh la sikit, dalam 3,4 jam dengan kereta.

Tomita farm nie sangat la luas. Korang boleh jalan seharian dekat sini kot. Tempat
solat pun ada.

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Kita sambung lagi pasal bos pergi Hokkaido.

Kawasan yang bos pergi kali ini adalah kawasan pedalam Tokachi.
3 jam train dari Sapporo. Bos turun dekat lapangan terbang Obihiro.

Haa, salah satu tempat yang bos pergi ini, ada seekor kucing.
Disebabkan kucing dekat Tokyo nie sombong sikit, bila nak sentuh sikit terus lari,
tapi kucing ini siap golek- golek bagi bos sentuh.

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大家好呀~~(? ̄▽ ̄)?



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Hi, everyone.?Today, I will introduce the famous mountain of Hokkaido, Japan.

You can often meet wild animals on the road in Hokkaido.

A raccoon is taking a walk today.


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Hey fellas

i made a dish called 辣子鶏 which is a Chinese cuisine especially known for its amount of chilies.
What is important to make this dish is Chinese pepper.
You'd need to add proper amount of it to make its flavor last all the way through while chewing or it won't be as spicy as it is supposed to be.
On top of that, you might want to deep fry chicken with flour so that it will help the sauce cling on to the chicken.



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Hello you guys.
How are you doing?
I hope you are well every single day!

Today,I will show you around our reception where is 1st place if you come to

The 1st♪

This is a Luggage storage just in front of Reception.

If it before and after check in,You can leave your luggages.

However,you must come back here!!

It's no specious but There is in the Annex building as well.


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Helo helo
Jepun sudah mula berhawa panas.
Kecuali Hokkaido, masih lagi bersuhu dingin.

Kali ini, bos nak tunjukkan gambar- gambar yang bos makan minggu nie. hehe

Bila panas, apa lagi, makan la apa- apa yang sejuk, macam aiskrim.
Nak balancekan makanan manis, kita minum kopi ya.
Btw, dekat Jepun, diorang minum kopi tanpa gula tau.

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Hi, it's Sumire!

I hope you are doing well.

Here is new information regarding our new coasters which are written beautiful flowers and its vegetables of Tohoku farm.


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