Hello hello!

Lama pulak kite tak tulis blog nie.
Salah satu sebabnya, saya balik Malaysia dalam 10 hari gitu.

Dah 3 tahun tak balik doe. Family duk bising suruh balik. haha

nie gambar Haneda Airport, sebelum naik flight.

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Today, we are going to let you know about a different kind of hotel in our Sakura hotel group

The hotel does not have "Sakura" as part of its name since it is , as it were , in a different category from ours.
But it is still our sister hotel.

It's Hotel Continental Fuchu.


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Después de una larga temporada de lluvias parece que nos espera un verano bastante caluroso y con mucha humedad.

Aquí estan las fotos de estos últimos días.


Taberna japonesa "Izakaya" con deliciosas brochetas de pollo Yakitori, rico pescado a la brasa, sashimi y mucho más. En el barrio de Ikebukuro.


Puesto callejero de bizcochos en un festival en Tokio. El Bizcocho llegó a Japón traido por los mercaderes portugueses en el siglo XVI, de hecho aquí se llama "Castella" (カステラ), su nombre procede del portugués pão de Castela, que significa 'pan de Castilla'.

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You know, Ginza is one of the most luxurious shopping districts in Japan.
It's like the 5th avenue of New York.
And its land price is often the highest as is the case with the 5th avenue.
Naturally, If you wanna play around there at night, you should be loaded,
except that you drink at one of our group company's bars, The Three Hundred Bar


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Hello everyone! yesterday I went to Sakura Group Partner with my manager and my Sakura Hotel friends together.
It was my first time that I went to 300Bar in Ginza and Design Festa Gallery at Harajuku also went to Sakura-Tei (Okonomiyaki&Monjayaki)


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Hi there, hope you are having great day!

In Tokyo.... finally summer is here!!yaay

I am super happy to have sun, can't wait to do something fun during summer!

What is your plan in summer?

Today I will show you my favorite place in Japan which is very accesible from Tokyo!

It is Fuji Yoshida area :)

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Hello! Tokyo is hot again today????
When you come to Tokyo, don't forget to keep yourself hydrated!


So, Today, I`ll introduce to you
What you can drink at SAKURA HOTEL IKEBUKURO!

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