Hellow there.

As you know there are so unique event in Japan.

Last year I went Art Aquarium and shared in our blog.

DSC_0563 (1).JPG

Of course I went Art Aquarium 2018 and picture for you guys




If you have chance or time next year, why won't you go there??

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Hi everybody!!
Today I would like to introduce a wonderful country I visited this year, Hungary !!

Hungary is located in the middle of Europe, from Paris, It takes about 1.5 hours by flight.
IMG_3078 (1).jpg

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We, Sakura hotel and hostel, often organize various events for the guests.
They are sometimes events that are designed to let foregin guests learn Japanese culture, and
sometimes, just for fun.
Here are a few examples of events we organized and enjoyed with our guests.


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Sin más dilación pasemos a las fotos recopiladas de estos últimos días, espero que disfruten.


Un buen bowl de fideos ramen acompañado de un arroz frito (el agua gratis), un sabroso almuerzo en Tosakko Ramen por solo 700 yenes a solo 2 minutos andando desde el Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.


Tranvía llegando a la estacion de Otsuka, muy cerca de Ikebukuro (Tokio).

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Hello everyone. I'm Hiroshi.

Today, I will introduce about "Dubai" which I went to work before.


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Hello everyone!!

I am Lian Peisan from Malaysia.A new staff training in Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro a few days ago.

One year before, I was live in Aomori.
Aomori is seasonal and beautiful place especially winter.But winter is very cold...!!





In early August have a festival called Aomori Nebuta Festival."Nebuta" refers to the float of a brave warrior-figure which is carried through the center of the city.

If you have chance you can visit to Aomori. Aomori is a great place and the air is very clear, you can enjoy the natural in Aomori if you love natural. I think is worth to go to Aomori.

And I hope I can meet you guys in Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro. Please come to visit us, we waiting for you!

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Hi guys it's Rino

Hope you guys doing well.

Few weeks ago, I went on a short trip to Barcelona and Paris and had delicious food there.
So i would like to share what I ate in Barcelona this time.

So the first day in Barcelona, as soon as we dropped our back in a hostel, went to have lunch and started off with this big pinacolada.

It was bigger than our face.


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HI, I'm Kazuna from ikebukuro Sakurahotel.

It's been drizzling since this afternoon.

I hope the weather would be fine this weekend.(finger cross!!)

Today, I'll tell about a potluck party during my stay in NZ.

IMG_1653 (1).JPG

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Mentaiko is identical to tarako in that it is a sack of salted cod roe.
One of the famous companies is "Fukuya" who has a head office in Kyushu. Even if you do not go to Kyushu, there is a cafe near Haneda airport

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