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Hello you guys★

I'll give you a little information about our Hotel!!


We sell 3 kind of subway tickets for only our guest at recaption!!

・24h 800 yen/48h 1200 yen/72h 1500 yen

You can buy anytime during your stay☆彡

Cf9cjEmVIAAD0vX (1).jpg

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With tasty coffee at hand, spending some time at Sakura Cafe & Restaurant Ikebukuro
is probably precious part of your day.
Our Brazilian coffee known as "Cafe Florestal", produced by "Cafe Paulista",
has been loved by so many people.


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Hi, I would like to share with you about Halloween day!!!

Yesterday, it was Halloween

We wore a costume as you see~


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Hello,How are you today?

I went Cafe yesterday. There is good atmosphere.

I've been there so many times.


This is the PanCake, so soft and melt in my mouth.

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Every year, a book festival is held in Jimbocho, Tokyo.

For the festival, bookshelves are placed on the sidewalks of the area's main street (Yasukuni Dori), creating a long corridor of books that faces the local bookstores. In addition to the street market, a variety of related events are scheduled during the festival, including a Special Used Book Sale Fair (at the Tokyo Used Book Kaikan underground hall)--featuring rare and valuable books--and library seal workshops.

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Halu halu

Hari ini nak cakap pasal jam tangan.

Dulu bos minat sangat dekat si G-shock nie.
Bos ade G-shock yang black gold tue.

Pastu, bos start minat swatch, murah dan simple.
bos beli 1 set 2020 Tokyo Olympic, Japan limited edition,
hadiah kahwin untuk kawan. haha

Tapi, baru-baru nie, bos start minat 1 brand lagi.


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Do you have any favorite drink?

I love to drink Thai tea.
That is a must-buy item for me when I go to Thailand.


I recommend to drink with condensed milk.

Beautiful combination of orange and white.

It may be difficult to find it at a supermarket in Japan, but you can order it on internet.
See you~~

Posted by: Takeshi (October 25, 2019 2:26 AM) | Permalink

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