I would like to share with you my trip story of South America.

On the way to take a trip around Central through South Ameria taking a with a local guide,

We passed through a border between Chile and Bolivia.

I was so impressed with very beautilful nature?surrounding such as a mountain and a river.



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Whenever I trave abroad, I always go to local markets.
Because I can learn lots of things about the country like the culture, the food, the fashon, people's behavior, the way of buisiness etc. directly.

Here is my recommendation of the market in Tokyo.

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How did you enjoy summer??

Have you tried "Suikawari"??
Suikawari is a watermelon splitting game often enjoyed in summer in Japan.

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Hi guys!! My name is Ryo!! I'm starting to work since yesterday.
I hope to enjoy this job hahah
Anyway I'm from Sapporo, Hokkaido.
There are really fresh seafood...
Before I came to Tokyo, I ate about over 10 oysters.

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Hi everybody !! This is Kazuhiro writing.

I finished one month's training in Sakura hotel Nippori and from September I am in Sakura hotel Ikebukuro for a while!!

Please let me introduce myself once again. I worked as a sale representative in electrical sector for 5 years and I left my job the reason I wanted to stay in a English speaking country in Europe. I chose Dublin, Ireland because many Japanese choose the UK so I thought it was better for me to live an unfamiliar country for me.I lived there between July 2017 and June 2018.

Ireland is really really beautiful country!! They have magnificent nature, friendly people, good beer (Not to mention GUINNESS !!), accessible transportation for other European countries and many good milk products from Irish cows and sheep!!? I absolutely recommend visiting Ireland in your life!!

After I came home, I applied for Sakura hotel as I'm interested in service sector, especially for guests from overseas. As you know, many foreign tourists come to Sakura hotels & hostel, as well as Sakura cafe so I'm very happy about meeting new people from all over the world.

Please check my picture I took in Ireland(Cliffs of moher) . I 'm very happy to talk about foreign countries and of course your country!! Please contact me when you're in Sakura hotel Ikebukuro?.


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About 2 years ago from now,? I was in Toronto, Canada.

It was about to finish Summer...

Speaking of Toronto, Niagara Falls is one of famous place to visit.


You can see so big waterfall in right front of you!!!!

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Hello everyone! I'm Hiroshi!

Recently, "Hot Days" continues, please do take care of yourself well.
By the way, I will introduce today about "Cambodia" Because of hot country throughout the year.
I went there five years ago so it may have changed...

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Dear all

Sakura House held its 5th Karaoke Event in Ginza and the first stop is at 300 Bar 5 Chome.

Last night was tiring as we all have sing our heart out! YEAH !!!? but a superb fun night.

For all Karaoke lover stay tune for more update and hope to see you all during the next event!!!

Read more for more update about this event........

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