Hello guys!

Hope you all are doing well

I'd like to talk about few of our guests I met recently.

These two cuties came from Korea and I did their check-in.


The girl on the right had very cute nails so I asked her to show me.

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If you visit Hakone hot spring, there is a fine art museum nearby Chōkoku-no-Mori Station!

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I went to Sapporo in Hokkaido for three days and two nights after a new year.

Hokkaido was the one of place I wanted to visit in my life.

I flew to Shin-Chitose airport, taking only 2 hours from Narita airport.

My first impression of arriving there was SUPPER cooooold!!!!!!!!

But also it was very beautiful.


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It's still hot and humid in Jupan, but I feel Summer is close to an end.

Please enjoy your "summer".

As you guys know, you can only drink "Matcha Frappuccino" in Starbucks Coffee Japan.

Also you can custom all drink as you like.


These day, I'm into Matcha Frappuccino with extra matcha powder.

It's ease to order, Just say " extra matcha powder please"



You can feel more matcha taste definitely!!

Besides it's free!!


Please try it!!



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Hello hello, Hanif is here.
This time, I wanna show my (unfinished) desktop set-up.

After moved to the new house, lastly, I can set-up back my desktop that sleeping around a year
in the box.


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Hoy tengo poco tiempo asíq eu voy a ser breve.

Hoy voy a subir unas pocas fotos de escaparates de resaturantes de Tokio. Algunos restaurantes muestran fotografías de la comida que sirven y otros muestras estos modelos hechos con cera y otros materiales.


Son bastante útiles porque te puedes hacer una idea bastante real de cómo es el plato que vas a pedir. Siempre son realistas en cuanto al número y tamaño de las porciones, así que si el modelo muestra por ejemplo una cantidad de patatas fritas, o un filete de cierto tamaño lo que te servirán será muy similar.


Estos modelos los restaurantes los tienen que encargar a una empresa, no los comprarn "genéricos". Así que con la empresa que se dedica a realizar estos modelos el restaurante le enseña en vivo que platos necesita y le proporciona la vajilla para que la recreación sea lo más fidedigna posible.

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Our ranch is in the nothern part of Japan.
And now, it is righ in the winter or, in the"snow" rather.



It seems everything has stopped and is standing still.


Except that they are growing nevertheless.

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Do you like illumination?

Do you tend to go see illumination in winter?
it's already finished for this year tho, I have one place I'd love to recommend you visiting.
That is "Kobe Luminarie" as you can tell from the title.


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It's happy to meet you ~

My name is Sim myeongbo .

I'm from South Korea.

I love trevle!

I've always love communicate with various people.



Quebec Canada

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