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1.Dal bhat

Daal bhat tarkari is the daily meal byNepalese

Daal is a soup made of lentils and spices.

Tarkari is curry-a mash up of different vegetables

flavored with spices and curry powder.



momo is Tibetan dumplings,They are a favourite among Nepalis,

Rice paper wrappers with chopped vegetables,? buffalo or chicken and are steamed,

surve with? spicy soup. Momos are always hand-madeand? fresh.


3.pani puri

pani piri is indian food also famus in nepal .


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Hoy voy a ser breve, pero voy a escribir un poco sobre uno de mis restaurantes favoritos de la zona norte de Ikebukuro (Tokio).


Se trata de el restaurante Hiroshi cerca de la estación de Simoitabashi (muy cerca de la estación central de ikebukuro) es el típico restaurante de barrio pero sirven unas empanadillas Gyouza exquisitas!????????????

Además también sirven fideos Ramen y otras delicias.

Me encantan este tipo de resaturantes humildes de comida casera y siempre que puedo voy tomando nota de todos los que me encuentro por el camino.????????????????


Los japoneses adoran las flores de cerezo, su belleza y lo tremendamente efímero de su existencia, menos de un par de semanas al año.

Los pétalos ya desaparecieron de los arboles y ahora están repletos de verdes hojas. Hace tan solo unos pocos días tenían este aspecto.

Muchas gracias por leerme.

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Hello you guys :)This is YURI from sakura hotel IKEBUKURO!!!
Today i'd like to introduce about Japanese cute snacks that you can't find in your country!!
In Japan it's important the taste is good but also we focus on appearance is beautiful or cute ,funny etc.....
image1 (1).jpeg

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You know, Japanese people love lunch boxes.
Many adults bring them to their offices or colleges as well as kids to schools.

With that practice in a background, you will see many lunch boxes lined up at train stations,
super markets,
convenience stores, and even on wagons in streets



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Hi, this is Takeshi.

I went to Makuhari Messe to see FOODEX JAPAN the other day.

FOODEX JAPAN is an exhibition related to food and drink, which is the largest exhibition in Asia.
You'll come to know various foods of the world.


And I got lots of souvenirs!

Next FOODEX JAPAN will be held on 10th to 13th, March, 2020.
If you have time, check it out!

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Hai~ hello~

Bila datang ke Jepun nie, banyak perkara baru yang dapat dirasai tau. Pengalaman, perasaan baru yang kaw2. haha

Bile cakap benda baru, teringat pengalaman tengok salji first time.

TIme tue 2014 cuti sekolah, diorang panggil winter holiday.

( Gambar ini ditangkap mase di Nagano, kalu x silap, di ambil semasa di dalam bas)

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I went to Hokkaido this time.

It's April and there's still a lot of snow in Hokkaido.

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?然多数都是Sakura House的客人!


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Hi, this is Sumire who is in charge of the event held yesterday.

Have you done Zen Meditation before?

Probably mostly people have just heard about it.

Even me it was the first experience to learn the Zen world...


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