Hey fellas

i made a dish called 辣子鶏 which is a Chinese cuisine especially known for its amount of chilies.
What is important to make this dish is Chinese pepper.
You'd need to add proper amount of it to make its flavor last all the way through while chewing or it won't be as spicy as it is supposed to be.
On top of that, you might want to deep fry chicken with flour so that it will help the sauce cling on to the chicken.



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Hello you guys.
How are you doing?
I hope you are well every single day!

Today,I will show you around our reception where is 1st place if you come to

The 1st♪

This is a Luggage storage just in front of Reception.

If it before and after check in,You can leave your luggages.

However,you must come back here!!

It's no specious but There is in the Annex building as well.


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Helo helo
Jepun sudah mula berhawa panas.
Kecuali Hokkaido, masih lagi bersuhu dingin.

Kali ini, bos nak tunjukkan gambar- gambar yang bos makan minggu nie. hehe

Bila panas, apa lagi, makan la apa- apa yang sejuk, macam aiskrim.
Nak balancekan makanan manis, kita minum kopi ya.
Btw, dekat Jepun, diorang minum kopi tanpa gula tau.

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Hi, it's Sumire!

I hope you are doing well.

Here is new information regarding our new coasters which are written beautiful flowers and its vegetables of Tohoku farm.


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Por todo Japón y concretamente en Tokyo abundan las tiendas de Golosinas, caramelos, chucherias, snacks, juguetes, baratijas y demás cosas curiosas susceptibles de ser deseadas por niños a la salida del colegio o en su días libres.


El mercado en Japón ofrece continuamente novedades de chicles, gominolas, jugetillos para montar entre otras muchas cosas, siempre está en continua evolución aunque hay un cierto tipo de productos que se mantienen al margen de los cambio, de esta manera ahora un Japonés de por ejemplo 40 años puede ir a una de estas tiendas y encontrará multitud de cosas de las que solían provocarle caries en su años más mozos como si no hubiera pasado el tiempo, y es que en Japón la nostalgia también es algo de lo que disfrutar.


Seguro que si entrais en una de estas tiendas encontrareis a algún japonés que mientras mira las estanterias exclama "Natsukasi!!" (Que Nostalgia!)

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Hello everyone I'm Aya.

I'll talk about our service and you can enjoy reading if you have't been here before!

1.You can buy the Japanese slippers at Reception on the 1st floor!

?There are 2 kind of size(sorry...)and Japanese style as you can see it.

★600 JPY/per one


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Good afternoon from Tokyo!

Little by little, the entertainment has been back in taking proper measures to prevent infection of COVID-19.

So, as a movie lover, as a Ghibli lover, I did go to the movie theater to watch "Mononoke-hime (Princess Mononoke)" the other day!!

Recently, most of famous popular movies are screened as revival film to get audiences back to the theaters.

Big screen and srounding music by Mr. Hisaishi were amasing and intence.


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Hokkaido is the place where the famous Japanese character Anpanman was made.



If you go to the Furano area, there is an Anpanman museum and a shop.

You can see paintings drawn by artists for free here.

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這次新出的甜點是來自伊朗的Shole Zard~
Shole Zard是藏紅花米飯布丁~



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