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Hello, this is Tomo.

On my last blog, I wrote about a small, yet vibrant city on "Keio Line", Shimo-Takaido.

There are a lot more things I want to introduce about this city, street foods.

First of all, as I wrote on my last blog, I have to write about one famous family owned meat shop, "Meat Shop Hotta".

Everybody lives in, or comes to this town knows about this shop. Tons of Japanese television shows featured it.

A long line formed in front of the shop all day long to buy fresh meat, side dishes, or the most famous fried products.

They have fried chicken, different kinds of croquettes (You will love potato one, you can taste fresh potatoes inside the crispy bread crumbs, "Panko".), and breaded cutlets of pork, chicken and so on.

There is a lady who helped me tons of things so did the owner, his brother and the owners son in law.

They relocated their shop from inside the "Shimo-Takaido Market" to the other side of the main street in 2012, but nothing else has changed, same great people and produce.



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Posted by: Tomo O. (January 26, 2015 6:14 AM) | Permalink

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