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Konnichiwa-! こんにちはー!
Hello thisi is Shikamai from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

Look at this pic!


Finally we made our comic foreground!!

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Aloha Everyone!
This is Hoka once again blogging today!
Instead of introducing you places in Japan, I want to be more personal with you guys
and introduce more about myself!
It's been almost 4 years since I have lived in Japan by myself!
So, you might ask, 'don't you feel lonely living all by yourself and how do you cope with it?'

Everyone tells me that getting a girlfriend solves all the problem, BUT, there's a really special buddy that i want to introduce to you guys!


Meet my pet Hedgehog, Azuki-chan!

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ALOHA everyone!
It's time for HOKA's blog again.
Today, let me introduce you something really really interesting that you wont get to see anywhere else!

and..what is that?

when you go to Ueno, people immediately think about the Zoo and the park. But do you know they have something interesting happening there.


Well, since i have been there, let me bring you for a short tour. Come on! lets go!

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I went to Christchurch for trekking with my friend last year .


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