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Hey! This is your favorite blogger Hoka once again writing the blog!
Do you know every month, Sakura hotel often organize various event for guests!
Since its the Autumn season, we had a chance to bring our guests to the famous Samurai garden in Hamarikyu!

Today, our team consist of guests from different countries!
1. Russia
2. Singapore
3. Spain
4. Brazil
5. Germany


So what are you waiting for? Lets go~

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Hello, this is your favorite blogger, HOKA,
once again writting the hotel's blog!

I had a short holiday a few days ago and i decided to had a solo backpacking trip around Japan!
For this trip, i did not had any plan in mind on where to go, all i had in mind was to get lost in Japan, while having the mindset of looking for the best place to see the best autumn places!

Here's my travel course.


Getting lost for this priceless scenery!

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こんにちはー! Konichiwa-!
Hi there! This is Shikamai from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

Today let me introduce our new menber.


SHIBA DOG!!  He is very soft.

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Hello guys!This is your friendly travelling partner, Hoka!

Recently, many guests have been asking, are there any good places out of Tokyo, but easily accessible from Tokyo?

Yes, yes, yes!
Have you guys heard of Nikko in Tochigi Region?
If you are planning for a 1 day trip, this is definitely the right place for you.
In Nikko, there is a saying: Never say 'kekkō' until you've seen Nikkō"
kekko: beautiful & satisfied

Nikko is pretty much similar to Hokkaido.
It has plenty of waterfall and mountain areas!

Well, enough of talking.. let me show you some of the pictures!


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