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Hello I'm Hiroshi!!

2018 FIFA World Cup has finally held. I love football and supporters paying attention to this event around the world.

What do you think which team will win?? Let's support them!!

Well today I'd like to introduce "Russia" where the World Cup has held.

I had the opportunity to go there at work and visited St Petersburg.


There are four seasons in Europe as well as in Japan. I think , the best season from spring to autumn.

The summer vacation is during to July to September, the sightseeing spots are very crowded with families on that time. I recommend you avoid that time if you possible.

St. Petersburg is a representative tourist spot in Russia.

You could see like an onion church around the city.

There are many sightseeing spots. For example a beautiful garden, a famous Hermitage Museum and any church.


You can get a lot of various experiences at Russia.

Please plan your trip if you any chance!


Thank you for reading!!


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My name is Ayako Shinohara.

I'm a new stuff of Sakura Hotel "IKEBUKURO".

I can speak Korea !!!!
I am studying to speak English as well as Korean !!!!

I will upload a brief self-introduction and photos.
If you click 【READ MORE】 after the picture,You can see other pictures.

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I'm Hiroshi with trainee.

The rainy season begins!. Take care your health.

Well, I went to see the hydrangea in Kamakura the other day, so today I will introduce about it.

To the Kamakura area, if you use the Shonan Shinjuku Line, you can take to get to there about one hour from Ikebukuro station.

To "Tokeiji" in Kitakamakura!


It looks like a Zen temple built in the 1200's, and hydrangea became the best time to see in early June.


Hydrangea is a representative flower by the rainy season of Japan, By the way, flower language seems to be "patient love"


When I went there, I had made a special public of "Iwagarami" which is one of hydrangea varieties.

【Period MAY 19th-JUNE 10th

It was very mysterious, blooming all over the wall!


Have you ever tried Japanese sweets?

It is a sweet made by imagining the four seasons and you can enjoy not only taste but also appearance. By the way it has been made with flowers motif.

【Period JUNE 1st-17th


Both the hydrangea and the tea shop are near the end of term. If this year is hard to go there, please visit next year!

Thank you for reading!!


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Hello! I am a new staff Natsuko.

I'm from KOCHI. Do you know KOCHI? There are many delicious food and japanese sake! And many beautiful nature!

And I moved to Tokyo when I was a university student.

I studied about Tourism at university.

After that I moved to Kurashiki in Okayama and worked at a travel agency.

Kurashiki is beautiful city. Many traditional cityscape!

And good access to Naoshima Island. Naoshima is famous for art.


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