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Hello everyone! I'm Hiroshi!

Recently, "Hot Days" continues, please do take care of yourself well.
By the way, I will introduce today about "Cambodia" Because of hot country throughout the year.
I went there five years ago so it may have changed...

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Dear all

Sakura House held its 5th Karaoke Event in Ginza and the first stop is at 300 Bar 5 Chome.

Last night was tiring as we all have sing our heart out! YEAH !!!? but a superb fun night.

For all Karaoke lover stay tune for more update and hope to see you all during the next event!!!

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Hello!~ Hey~ Hai~

This is Hanif. Did I told you guys that I loves cats? ( I don't think so)

Well, last Wednesday I went to cat cafe . This cat cafe is located at Koshigaya Laketown. Originally, I just want

to use my day-off by uro-uro( wandering) in the Koshigaya Laketown mall.

But! Then i saw this cat cafe called CAT CAFE MOCHA.
Oh my..... you know, when you are cat lover, you cannot resist the feeling to touch that meows.
So, I ended up entering this Cat Cafe. Haiz....

I don't know why, but most of the cat is sleeping at that time. hmm...

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Hello! I'm Yasu from Sakura hotel Ikebukuro.
Today I'm going to introduce one of my hobbies making GUNDAM model.


The other day, I made a GUNDAM model, Real Grade Wing Gundam Zero Custom Endless Walt.
Gundam model has some grade, Perfect Grade, Master Grade, Real Grade, High Grade and SD Grade. The Gundam model which I made this time belongs to Real Grad, and this Grade is so small, 1/144 size but has a lot of small parts.


It took me 3 hours to make it, but looks so cool and beautiful isn't it?
Next time I will paint this model with airbrush. Looking forward to it!!


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Hi I am Lim Wei Siong from Singapore and I have just joined the big happy family of Sakura Hotel.

大家好,我是林暐雄来自新加坡。我加入了SAKURA HOTEL愉快的大家庭。


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