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Hello everyone!!

I am Lian Peisan from Malaysia.A new staff training in Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro a few days ago.

One year before, I was live in Aomori.
Aomori is seasonal and beautiful place especially winter.But winter is very cold...!!





In early August have a festival called Aomori Nebuta Festival."Nebuta" refers to the float of a brave warrior-figure which is carried through the center of the city.

If you have chance you can visit to Aomori. Aomori is a great place and the air is very clear, you can enjoy the natural in Aomori if you love natural. I think is worth to go to Aomori.

And I hope I can meet you guys in Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro. Please come to visit us, we waiting for you!

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Hello, Hei~ Hai~

This is staff Hanif.

Recently, it has been raining all along.
And it's making harder to dry the clothes that I washed. haha

But, still i love this one more then summer. cool~

Put that aside, this time, I want to introduce the halal restaurant!

Kaenzan,火焔山 (Taiwanese Hand-pulled Ramen) Ikebukuro.


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Hello! Hey! Hai!

This is Staff Hanif.

I have a good news for myself. Actually I passed JLPT N1.
JLPT is Japanese-Language Proficiency test. The test has 5 levels. N1~ N5. N1 is the hardest level.
In Japan, jobs hunting and universities' entrance, you need at least N2.
Usually you can pass N2 just only study japanese for 1 years, but you need to work hard.

My JLPT N1 certificate

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