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Hi, Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro has Japanese Style rooms.


Please take your shoes off when you enter this type of rooms.
And get relaxed and sleep well to walk around sightseeing spots in Tokyo.

We look forward to your stay with us!!

Posted by: trainee (March 22, 2019 11:50 PM) | Permalink

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There is an announcement of the event "Takoyaki Exchange Party" coming up tonight Jan 28th.

This is the new challenging event in Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

What do we do???


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Posted by: Sumire (January 28, 2019 11:22 AM) | Permalink

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Our ranch is in the nothern part of Japan.
And now, it is righ in the winter or, in the"snow" rather.



It seems everything has stopped and is standing still.


Except that they are growing nevertheless.

Posted by: Kazu (January 12, 2019 8:00 AM) | Permalink

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There was an annual event called "Book Feastival" on Oct 27th and 28th in Jimbocho area.

Book Festival is the event of selling many kind of books especially for enthusiastic fun of a book.

You can find a cheap book and nice quality.

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Posted by: Sumire (November 6, 2018 5:50 PM) | Permalink

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