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It is getting a good season for people to relax and play aournd.
And it is the same for our horses in our ranch in Aomori

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Design Festa 49th is going to be held at Tokyo Big Sight
from the day after tomorrow for two days, May 18th (Sat.)and 19th(Sun.).
Design Festa is an international art event and a celebration of the arts at which anyone
regardless of age,nationality, talents or language can exhibit.

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In Japan, there are many people who take care of their own gardens at home.

My house does not have a garden, I change the flowers of my small vase every week.

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I got new toy.


New resident evil(The name is Biohazaed in Japan) and Kingdom Hearts.

My dad used to play resident evil series when i was child.

It was sooo scared and I had nightmare everynight.

It has become a good memory now.

I played it with my dad and sister this time.

I used to play Kingdom Hearts series also.

Each game has good memory and makes me nostalgic.

That's why I can't stop playing TV game.

Oh, by the way

my another hobby restart on end of March.


Let's enjoy this year too!!

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