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Hi there! Konnichiwa.
This is Shikamai from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuo.

Today I would love to share one of the good Japanese word with you.
That is ほっこり Hokkori. Have you heard it?
For example we would say like "This picture is ほっこり hokkori"


Guess the meaning!

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Hey there!

We would like to introduce about Columbian home cuisine which one of our guest taught us how to make.

This is called "Arroz Con Pollo" and famous food in South America.

She is Juliana from Columbia.

She stayed in our hotel for only two nights but she is so friendly and able to speak Japanese well!


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Konnichiwa-! Hellooooo!! This is Shikamai

Actually It is been 3 years since I worked for Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro. Surely time flies.
I heve seen so many lovely guests from around the world, and they gave me happy moments a lot .
That's why I could keep up the work here.


Well today let me show you our lovely guests who I met recently !

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Posted by: shikamai (February 11, 2018 7:29 PM) | Permalink

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Since started working at Sakura Hotel, which welcomes many guests from all over the world

there's a thing we staffs have been often grateful.

Guess what is it?

Well, it is a gift from our guests,

always makes us smile :)


So, be introduced some recent gifts compilation we got from our guests.

DSC_1683 (1).jpg

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