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Have you been to Fukuoka?

Fukuoka is located in the island called "Kyusyu" which is about 2 hours away by flight from Tokyo.


Fukuoka is unknown for The Hakata ramen.

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I seldom go out to eat Yakiniku.
But my colleagues love it, so the other day I dined out with them to have Yakiniku for the first time in several years.

I really don't like to go to a restaurant like cheap and nasty, so I chose a well known Yakiniku restaurant in Uguisudani.

In spite of a bit expensive restaurant, I told them as a joke that "Behave as you were in a cheap all-you-can-eat restaurant".
And they took it seriously and really did as I told.


All right, you two are very honest...
But care a bit of your senpai's finances!

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En la estación central de Tokio este cronómetro nos recuerda exactamente cuantos días y horas quedan para que se inauguren las próximas Olimpiadas en Japón.


Divertidas y viejas máquinas recreativas. Este tipo de juegos todavía se pueden ver en las tiendas de golosinas, chucherías, baratijas y juguetes que hay en los barrios. Normalmente funcionan con monedas de 10 yenes (menos de 10 céntimos de Euro o 1.77 pesos mexicanos a día de hoy).

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Hi, it's Sumire.

I'd like to share with you about the South Africa cuisine which was taught by our guest!

This is Ms. Kanita and Ms. Paula.


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Hi ya!


At reception, we're frequently asked one question.

"Where's good Sushi bar nearby?"

Well, actually there're loads of Sushi shops in Ikebukuro area,

some are good, and the others are so so..

So, be introduced one Sushi shop in Ikebukuro,

where I as the local almost recommend our guests to try.

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