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Today, the international art event,DESGIN FESTA,
is going to be held at Tokyo Big Sight.

It's 48th since 1994


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There was an annual event called "Book Feastival" on Oct 27th and 28th in Jimbocho area.

Book Festival is the event of selling many kind of books especially for enthusiastic fun of a book.

You can find a cheap book and nice quality.

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Hello there

How's going??

It's getting cold in Japan but my passion is still hot!!


I like to go to Museumu to see Landscape painting

Today, I'm gonna put some Landscape painting so check it out.

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We, Sakura hotel and hostel, often organize various events for the guests.
They are sometimes events that are designed to let foregin guests learn Japanese culture, and
sometimes, just for fun.
Here are a few examples of events we organized and enjoyed with our guests.


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