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(Serious faces at Meiji Jingu Stadium)

This is Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro JMB is writing.
What have you been up lately???!

Myself, I went to watch baseball with our guests on the day before yesterday.

*Flickr: Baseball Event 13th July 2016

We/Sakura Hotel & Sakura House hold lots of different kinds of events regularly.

Please look some pictures I got them :+D

(Arigato for coming ALL PARTICIPANTS! Nice Smile after game! Evern we lost the game :P)

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Do you know there is a Japanese holiday at the beginning of July?

It's called Tanabata, which is celebrates the meeting of two stars (said to be celestial lovers).

Other than the fact that it is a big festival in Sendai,
and involves the writing of wishes on colored pieces of paper that are then hung on a bamboo tree.

Let's see what people wish for this year!


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Posted by: Misato (July 3, 2016 10:17 AM) | Permalink

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