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Our group compagny has a place dedicated to art and design,
located in the middle of the land of pink and black, the country of kawaii pop punk culture: HARAJUKU

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Hello! This is JMB from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

What have you been up?!

We went to the baseball stadium to watch the game.

The baseball season is one of the hottest topic in the news headline.

Sakura Hotel would like to show our guests Japanese cultures.

Baseball is one of the face of Japanese culture.

If you go to the stadium, you feel and touch hearts of Japanese people from baseball funs.

Even you are not interested in sports or baseball, I am sure you enjoy that atomospere.

Please take in information through the five senses :)


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The rainy season has started in Tokyo.
Usualy it lasts for several weeks

kaz (99) (1).jpg

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