Our staff from Singapore Lim Wei Siong was helping out at our Asakusa outlet for the past two weeks.
Currently on every Sunday at Sakura Hostel Asakusa we will be holding a cooking event where recipes from all around the world will be introduced.

Last week we made Singapore Chicken Rice and Dessert.
All measures will to taken to make sure that it is safe (10 pax and under, temperature check before entering, all windows are open to make sure good ventilation, use of mask is a must...)


Chicken rice with home made chilli sauce + Black Sesame Soup(?芝麻糊)

While cooking the rice (Jasmine rice, ginger, leak(it will be better if we can get hold of Pandan Leaves), chicken stick, chicken rice mix), we are preparing the chicken which is being cooked in the chicken stock you can either use a whole chicken or just the thigh meat.


Getting ready to start feasting with homemade chili sauce



Posted by: Lim (March 20, 2021 4:15 PM)

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