Hi, it's Sumire!

I want to introduce you to the NEW deserts of our café.


It is Poundcake from Tohoku farm for 380yen.

牧場ハ?ウント?ケーキ (13).jpg

It contains persimmon jam and some wild herbs which are all completely pesticide-free.

You can enjoy its natural taste and its sweetness!

And we have Carrot Gugelhupf from Tohoku farm for 500 yen as well.

牧場人参のクク?ロフ (21).jpg

It's used carrot powder and has a piece of carrots so you can enjoy its texture!

Even if you don't like a carrot, we can guarantee you that you can eat without hesitation.

You might not be able to get one if you are not staying in Japan.

But we sell every different dish for a limited so that we won't let you get bored!

If you are interested in us, please refer to our website as below.


And if you have a chance to come to Tokyo, we hope to see you then.

Thank you so much for reading.



For our information of cheap and comfortable accommodation, you can find throughout our HP as well.

Hopefully everything will go back to normal soon.

Please take care of yourself.

Posted by: Sumire (February 25, 2021 4:35 PM)

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