Hi, guys!!!

I would like to inform you about Cherry Blossom forecast.

It says it will bloom on March 21st in Tokyo.


It is predicted that the date is nationally earlier than a normal year.

As you know, we have many places to see cherry blossom in Japan.

Either you have seen them before or not, I can be sure to say Cherry Blossom in Japan is the most beautiful in the world!!!

I have a couple places to recommend.

The first, it is Shinjuku Gyoen which is located in Shinjuku.


The area of the park is approximately 58.3 ha so they have a variety of trees.

You can enjoy walking and spend time in the entire park!!

When I went there, it took about 3 hours to see all kinds of cherry blossom!


※We took our guests to the place about 2 years ago!

Secondly, it is Tokyo Midtown in Akasaka.


They have about 103 cherry blossom trees which have mainly Someiyoshino.

Most exciting things, the place is lit up so that you can enjoy walking as see them!!!

Because we are restricted under COVID-19 crisis, I hope we can deliver some its beautiful pictures to you from here.

And I hope you can visit Tokyo in Spring someday soon!

Thank you for reading and hopefully you stay safe.

Posted by: Sumire (February 11, 2021 3:15 PM)

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