Hello, you guys from Aya!
I'm gonna introduce about our some social media for Sakura:)








Facebook【Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro】



Youtube channel【Sakura Cafe & Hotel Ikebukuro】


If you have any social media, Why don't you connect with us and keep in touch (^^)

It might be very more fun to stay in Japan!!!

By the way, Sakura season is coming soon and I'm sure that not excited for any people.

Because some people had a plan to come to see beautiful Japanese Sakura for OHANAMI and was going to have a good time here.....

This year might be more calm down for COVID19 than last year but not perfectly.

We can't wait to see you?anymore!!

We hope that people from all over the world are living safe and healthy every single day even if we can't meet you guys!!!!

Thank you for reading!See you soon:)★

Posted by: aya (February 28, 2021 5:19 PM)

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