Takachiho-kyo is a V-shaped gorge at the upper stream of the Gokase River in the northeastern part of Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu. The sheer cliffs of columnar joints, as tall as 100 meters were created through the erosion of lava formations - from Mt. Aso by the water of the Gokase River over a hundred thousand years. It is designated as both a Natural Monument and a part of Sobo-Katamuki Quasi-National Park.


This is the course map of Takachihokyo, There are serval starting and ending points with parking for the walking course, and as you can see in the picture you are able to canno close to the waterfall to get a great view and be embraced by the great work of nature.




天安河原 Amanoiwato Shrine


Ama no Iwato Shrine in Takachiho in Miyazaki Prefecture in southern Kyushu is in some senses the spiritual home of Japan.

The shrine's Amano Yasugawara cave is where Japanese mythology has it that the sun goddess Amaterasu hid until found by Tajikarao, who removed a huge rock blocking the entrance, Amaterasu then being enticed out by Ameno-Uzume who performed a bawdy dance - the first kagura.

Amano Iwato-Jinja shrine is split into two parts by the Iwato River. Visitors first enter Nishi Hongu and then walk to Higashi Hongu to see the legendary Amano Yasugawara cave.


Amano Yasugawara cave
Amano Yasugawara cave is an imposing cavern in a lovely riverside setting. Around it are piles of rocks created by worshippers wishing for good luck.

Belief has it that if you knock over a pile of stones you need to build two to atone for your clumsiness.

Ama no Iwato along with Takachiho Shrine is one of the two most important of the many Shinto shrines in Takachiho.



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