Hello you guys!

It's AYA! Long time no write.

I'd like to show you beautiful Japanese Sakura from last year.
I know it's not the season for Sakura right now.

But If you see these pictures, you feel in Japan★

↓This is one of the biggest Sakura in 2020!

?It has located near the hotel in Ikebukuro.

I hope this beautiful Sakura blooming this year too and take a picture and sharing for you★


And from here is the Sakura that I found on my way to work!




I really want you to see these Sakura in person!

And Can I tell you one more thing?

Do you know we have a Youtube channel?

Please check it out and give us your like and subscribe.

★Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro Youtube Channel★

see you soon:)

Posted by: aya (January 26, 2021 7:35 PM)

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