Do you know "Tenugui", the Japanese cotton towel?
"Tenugui" means exactly "hand-wipe", but they are multi-useful designed cloth.

Tenugui is originally used as a hand-wipe, but also like a stall or a bandana with Japanese traditional textile.
But recently, the amazing variety of designs of Tenugui make us enjoyable not only as a cotton towel.
I started to collect Tenugui as a souvenir since there are many lovely local designs with local scenery or local famous motifs.

It is also popular to be used as an interior such as tapestry or wrapping presents including wines.
The merits of fabric and the good points as Japanese traditional culture is now reconsidered,
then they are becoming much modern design and lovely color.
Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro also uses Tenungui as a tapestry or an interior to hide shelves, enjoying seasonal events.

We hope we could welcome foreign guests soon and enjoy Japanese culture through Tenugui as well.

Posted by: Eriko (November 26, 2020 6:22 PM)

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