Ah Pandemic, Quarantine...

2020 Pandemic changed all of our new year resolution, suddenly the world became silent. And truly, the sound of this silence was deafening.

I reckon the coronavirus pandemic was the first experience in our life, isn't it?

For example, I worked for a very busy hotel`s Restaurant in the center of Tokyo. We had 200 packages just for Breakfast.

But suddenly an uninvited guest attacked the world in the first days of the new year.

Many companies had force adjustment or took their employees` force long vacation and cut the salary


So, I had forced a long vacation around 1 month with half of the salary.

Of course, half of the salary and the unknown virus were the bad point but I found a good point,

I had free time after 6 years of study and hard work in Japan. So, I started a big painting and named Days and night of Quarantine.

I'm not a very professional painter but I tried to paint all of my country elements,


Shahrzad, the famous storyteller of legends the middle east and Pomegranate Iranian woman symbol at the royal blue sky on dayside and Rumi`s dancer at nightside, Persian houses with colored glass and mirrors of the old palaces of my country.


this painting is the result of my quarantine days during the coronavirus pandemic.


What did you do during Quarantine?

Posted by: trainee (September 9, 2020 1:33 PM)

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