Hilda is my elder sister. when she was 8, I was born. Ever since I can remember she cared for me as a Mom.?
Because of this, I love her, she is my sister, second Mom, and Best close Friend



She is a graphic designer and a big fan of chocolate. I think if she was chocolate, she`d eat herself.


?She always has chocolate in her home. Sometimes buy for herself sometimes take chocolate as a gift but most of the time she makes chocolate by herself. Hilda makes chocolate for every season or event. Hilda always says: ((chocolate can make you just happy, but artistic chocolate can make you happy and satisfied)) also she says: ((Life without chocolate has no meaning))

Do you want to see some of her chocolate pictures?


( Mint chocolate )


(Macha Chocolate)


( Pistachu and rose? Chocolate)



(Ruby Chocolate for woman`s day)


(Lemon Chocolate)

All of Photos and design? By Hilda

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Posted by: trainee (September 17, 2020 1:05 PM)

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