Hello, dear vegetarian Friends.

Today I want to talk about sushi, my favorite Japanese Meal.

It`s delicious, Artistic, and healthy Food. But I believe that you don't want to taste it because of Fish. but I want to introduce you to a vegetarian Sushi with organic Vegetables.120091030_796647194469236_3429047536048637509_n.jpg

You can teats veggie sushi At the Continental Hotel Fuchu `s Buffet restaurant. Their Chef is a very creative and talented chef. He thinks about every diet and this time he made a new recipe for vegetarians who loves to teats sushi in japan.


All the ingredients of this sushi are Organic vegetables, they don't use any animal products.



You can eat and experience delicious sushi, but not only sushi but also many organic healthy foods at a local restaurant with a friendly atmosphere.


Let`s try it. I hope to like it.

Posted by: trainee (September 23, 2020 1:15 PM)

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