Good afternoon from Tokyo!

Little by little, the entertainment has been back in taking proper measures to prevent infection of COVID-19.

So, as a movie lover, as a Ghibli lover, I did go to the movie theater to watch "Mononoke-hime (Princess Mononoke)" the other day!!

Recently, most of famous popular movies are screened as revival film to get audiences back to the theaters.

Big screen and srounding music by Mr. Hisaishi were amasing and intence.


Tell the truth, my best Ghibli movie is not "Mononoke-hime", but "My neighbor Tororo" or "Kiki's delivery service".

However, when I visited Ghibli Museum last year for the first time, they explained how they colored the cel animation using the original cels of "Mononoke-hime".

"Mononoke-hime" is the last Ghibli animation which is illustrated by hand-written, not digitalized.

Sadly, they are closed this year because of COVID-19 situation and their maintenance, I hope they will open again with dreaming, fantasting exhibition!

I share some photos of Ghibli Museum when I took last year as below :)


Big Totoro welcomes you at a fake ticket office!



You can see a Robot Soldier at the rooftop of the Museum.


We hope we could get our staying guests back as well, here at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro and we would like to introduce the sightseeing spots!


Posted by: Eriko (July 16, 2020 9:44 PM)

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