Jjapaguri / Chapaguri (????) is simply a combination of two different Korean instant noodles "Jjapaghetti (????)" and "Neoguri (???)".

Individually they are quite different noodles. Jjapagehtti is a cut down instant version of Korean black bean noodle and it is served dry (not served in a soup).

On the contrary, Neoguri is an udon noodle dish served in a spicy soup and its distinctive feature is including dried kelp (kombu) in the packet.

So by mixing these two noodles, you make a new hybrid noodle called Jjapaguri / Chapaguri.

Most recently, it was featured in a Korean movie - Parasite (2019). The English translation for Jjapaguri was ramdong.?

20200302_020006 (1).jpg

Boil it until the noodles are cooked, about 2-3 mins. During this time, mix the noodles well by lifting and dropping them a couple of times.


Drain the water but leave about 6 Tbsp worth of water. Then add the whole packet of Jjapaghetti powder soup sauce, 1/3 packet of Neoguri powder soup sauce and olive oil from the Jjapaghetti sauce. Mix them well. (If you want more spiciness, you could increase the amount of Neoguri powder soup sauce.)


Jjapaguri with steak. Korean Movie - Parasite, Ramdong Style.?rib eye fillet. Thinly sliced and lightly cooked in a separate skillet with ground black pepper and fine sea salt seasoning. Combined with the noodles just before serving.

Posted by: Myeongbo (March 8, 2020 1:15 AM)

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