Hi, Staff Hanif is here!
Usually I'm just write the blog in Malay, but this time I7m just feel
want to write in English.

Ok, so just want to share with you guys about 1 thing about myself,
that is i'm really like cheese cake.

Started to like cheese cake when I came to Japan, eat Pablo cheese Tart.
(well, in Malaysia Cheese type products are quite expensive)


Then, already tried more than 10 famous cheese cake.( Don't really think 10 actually)

This time, I got the chance to try KB cheese Tart, same type with Pablo.
The shop is inside the Ikebukuro Station, near the Jr. station centre gate.

So the price is around 200- 250 yen.
Taste was good, if compare with Pablo, the taste for this one much more

And also, looks like this year to will be my Movies year.
Richard Jewell, good movie, but watch in pc already ok la.


This one, wow!!
For the fan of Boku no Hero Akademia, better to watch it at cinema!
My comment just wow and wow!

Posted by: hanif (January 28, 2020 10:12 PM)

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