Hi ya!


When travelling abroad, do you go to museum in there?

Just going as the option when raining??


Well, from the standpoint of art, museum is worth going to see their culture, isn't it?

So, when in Tokyo, I recommend you to pay a visit Tokyo National Museum

in Ueno, Tokyo.


Tokyo National Museum is the oldest Japanese museum, established in 1872,

exhibits comprehensive collections of Japanese art works

from ancient times to modern times.


The museum holds more than 110,000 objects

includes 87 national treasures and 634 important cultual properties.


In the national treasures, you'd be able to see samurai's armours

and swords.


Cool, isn't it?

You'd be also surprised that the swords are absolutely well-preserved

and seem still good quality for use!


Well not only for person who is very much into samurai related,

also highly recommended for one of the places for sightseeing.

So don't miss out when in Tokyo.


See ya!

Posted by: aki (February 26, 2016 1:47 PM)

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