Hi ya!


At reception, we're frequently asked one question.

"Where's good Sushi bar nearby?"

Well, actually there're loads of Sushi shops in Ikebukuro area,

some are good, and the others are so so..

So, be introduced one Sushi shop in Ikebukuro,

where I as the local almost recommend our guests to try.




located on 8th floor of Seibu department store where connects to Ikebukuro station,

serves really good sushi as reasonable prices.

Also provides English menu and iPad just for order

so that sushi can be served to your table automatically.


HOWEVER, please note this shop is too popular to get a seat without joining a long queue.

It might take 60min.- 90min. to be directed you to a table.

Though you'd be lucky if the waiting seats are vacant like in this pic below,


would be better to avoid the time in the middle of lunch or dinner

cause the seats are being filled up.


In case it's too crowded to even join the queue,

just give up and drop in a sort of their branch, standing Sushi bar "MIDORI"

located near C6 exit of Ikebukuro Station


offers loads of takeaway that you don't need to wait.

Of course I guarantee the taste too,

since I often drop in there to take away

on my way to station from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.


Anyway, def worth trying them for Sushi lover.


See ya!

Posted by: aki (August 30, 2016 1:59 AM)

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