Hello everyone!

My name is Mai Hirayama.

I started working at Sakura Hotel from middle of November.

( I love nature~~~!!!?)


I used to live in Vancouver for a year because I could get a working holiday visa.

Actually I live in Bowen Island. Do you know where is it? Even though local people, they do not know. lol

Bowen Island is close to West Vancouver, and from Downtown, it takes about 40min by bus and 20min by ferry.

It is very beautiful island especially for Summer. Many toueist came to the island.

There are a lot of nature, wild animals (seal, ocar, deer...etc), and super friendly people!?

I enjoyed hiking, kayaking, relaxing in the cove... and also at night, stars are very beautiful so you could do an astronomical observation.

If you are interested in Bowen Island, please let me know! I am going to tell you what a wonderful island it is. haha


I have been to Vancouver, Toronto, LA, NY, Paris, Gremany, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and of course Japan!!! lol

Let's talking!!!???

I am so glad and excited to work here!

Please be my friend★

Thank you!

Posted by: trainee (December 5, 2019 1:27 PM)

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