Hi, it's Sumire.

I went to Sake Brewery called "Koedokurari" in Kawagoe.


It located about 12 minutes away from Kawagoeshi station.

The sake brewery has two place which is a souvenir place and a sell sake place.

In the sell sake building, they have a sake taste vending machine.


If you pay for 500yen, you get 4 coins for a taste.

You can choose any kind of taste whatever you like.

They have a lot of tastes from a supper dry to a supper sweet!


And you can warm it up with a hot water by yourself if you want.

It was so much fun to taste!

I enjoy a lot!

They have a delivery service so that you can send sake directly to your family or friends.

So, I sent some my favorite sake to my family.

I hope that they will love it!!!

If you have any chance to visit there, please visit there!

Thank you for reading★

Posted by: Sumire (December 31, 2019 11:14 AM)

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