Hey, today I would like to introduce you that we held the cooking exchange with our guest yesterday.

He is from Finland, likes cooking and sewing.

Actually, when he checked in, he gave us some ginger cookies which he made by himself.

They were so delicious!


So, we asked him to share with us his own its recipe.

Yesterday he made it for us and we got its recipe.

Ginger cookies is a traditional sweet for Christmas in Finland.


And they are many different shapes like a star, heart and flower.


When he was young, his mother taught him how to make it.

Of course, he was not able to remember the process, however he makes often when he gets older.

I love the smell of the ginger!


And the taste was delicious!

Ginger cookie might be served on our café Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro!

We are grateful if you are sharing your own recipe with us!


Thank you for reading ★

Posted by: Sumire (December 10, 2019 12:32 PM)

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