With tasty coffee at hand, spending some time at Sakura Cafe & Restaurant Ikebukuro
is probably precious part of your day.
Our Brazilian coffee known as "Cafe Florestal", produced by "Cafe Paulista",
has been loved by so many people.


Here is some background information.

Only fully matured coffee beans are used.
Immature coffee beens impair quarity of final products.
Therefore coffee cherries are selected with machines and only matured ones are used.
Coffee beans taken form matured coffee cherries have natural sourness and sweetness.

No pesticides and no chemicals are utilized.

The farmland in Brazil where "Cafe Florestal" are grown, is surrounded by natural forests.
And the ecological system and natural circulation are utilized there.
In this way, the perfect organic farming is realized and it is totally different from palantation
based on deforestation.


Anyway, probably it's "enough said" already.
Please experience it yourself !

Posted by: michikazu (November 2, 2019 8:32 AM)

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